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A forum for all Lincoln College students. Please use the forum wisely, and respect each other inside. Thank you and enjoy.
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 Hi Lincoln College students

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PostSubject: Hi Lincoln College students   Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:10 pm

A very great welcome to Lincoln College's forum. In this board, it will be separated into different categories. The students can actually access the forum once you all have registered yourself. Please bear in mind that your e-mail address is very important to the moderators and the admins to identify your identity. Therefore, please no fake e-mails. After you have register, please use your name in your IC as your nick name. This is so that everyone that are using the forum could easily identify you, and also, it will be easier for the teachers to actually message you personally when you have a problem.

Besides that, users of the forum board must also be polite. Vulgar words are not allow in the forum, and ban points will be given to the students that does not follow the rules. Once a student is given 3 ban points, their account will be suspended for a month. We only wish to have a friendly environment only. We hope that every parties could actually work it out together, as we Lincoln Students are actually no.1. Thank you for your supports, and please enjoy using the forum.

p.s: if anyone need help in using the forum, you all could find help from Bay Shing Shen, in the Foundation in Sciences class.
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Hi Lincoln College students
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